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Observer brand


The brand Observer is carried by Swiss companies Mecatyp SA and TechTonique SA.


The objective is to develop and manufacture innovative tactical products with high quality. The ammunition counter is a perfect illustration.


Observer is a registered trade mark.


Mecatyp SA


Founded in 2001, Mecatyp SA is known for its experienced team with plural skills. It produces high-tech mechanical parts for numerous areas of activity, such as automotive, medical, electronics and microtechnology.


In weaponery, Mecatyp SA has developed the most precise diopter in the market. 100 mm in lateral and 20 mm in height, first of its kind, this product is ideal for shooting range of 300 meters. It has helped to win several World champions and Olympic champions.


TechTonique SA


Expert of technological innovations, TechTonique has created in 1998 the first LED headlamp.


Organized into a anonymous society since 2008, TechTonique SA makes developments for niche markets. Its favorite field is equipment for progression and response to extreme environments.


In the tactical field, TechTonique SA has developed the exemplar Lights GO, a powerfull system of lighting specifically designed to equip ballistic shields. PowerLED with focused optical, it allows to reach the target and have a good overview of the environment. Invisible from the front, the progress lighting emits a discreet red halo of light on the ground.


Dioptre Observer

Observer diopter is developed by Mecatyp SA


Tactical Lighting System

The tactical lighting system is developed by TechTonique SA